How Readima was created

July 20, 2022


Last month, my speed reading was ~ 280 wpm. I did some research to boost this number up.

I came across 2 techniques: Optimal Recognition Point and Meta Guiding.

With Optimal Recognition Point, each word shown on screen to draw your attention to that word.

The problem is I retained almost nothing after increasing speed to 400 wpm (my goal)

Then I applied the Meta Guiding technique on my Kindle.

I realized a big improvement with this technique. My speed was up to ~450 wpm without loosing the comprehensive.

One problem appeared, holding a pointer even a straw is fatigue. So I came up with this Readima idea

Making an app for Kindle is impossible now, so I want to stimulate this Meta Guiding technique to the web by the browser extensions.

Hope you guys can increase the reading speed with my app. 💪 Feel free to receive your feedback!