4 Speed Reading Secrets That Will Improve Your Reading Speed

July 28, 2022

1. Drop the Inner Monologue

The inner monologue (or subvocalization) is a ubiquitous trait among readers.

It is the process of speaking the words in your head as you read, and it is the biggest obstacle that gets in the way of increasing your reading speed.

You learn to read by reading aloud in school. Once you were proficient enough, your teacher had you start saying the words in your head.

This is how the habit originated, and most people continue reading this way. It does not adversely affect them until they start wanting to read at a faster pace. If you are seeking to increase your reading speed, this is the first thing you must learn to overcome.

You can use this formulas

{your reading speed} = {your speaking speed} = around 300 words per minute

If you want to continue to improve your reading speed, you need to eliminate inner monologue.

2. Word–Chunking

Word-chunking is the practice of breaking down a word or phrase into smaller chunks that are easier to remember.

To apply word-chunking to speed reading, you should look for common words and phrases in your text and group them together.

For example, if you're reading about a new technology, you might group together words like "internet," "video conference," "virtual reality," etc.

Once you know what words or phrases to group together, it's time to start chunking them.

You can do this by simply spacing out each word or phrase on its own line or page so that it's easy for you to see and read the whole chunk at once.

Tip: Use a reading pointer like a ruler or a pencil may help you focus on a long chunk

3. Do Not Reread the Words

Watching the average person's eyes as they read, you will notice they jump and flit.

Watch this video to understand the eyes' movements:

They do not just flow evenly back and forth as they should. This is because the average person – you do this, too – tends to backtrack over words they have already read.

This is one thing that prevents you from being able to increase your reading speed.

You most likely do this without even realizing that you are doing it, making it a bad habit to break out of.

Even though you may feel a bit childish, the easiest way is to use your finger or bookmark to guide you.

Keep your finger running back and forth across the page without stopping or going back. Keep tracking the words as your finger continues to make its way down the text.

Readima offers this pointer feature while you read on the Internet.

When you get to the end, think about what you read. You did not go back over a single word and you still recall what you read.

Read more about active reading below

4. Active reading

Please give yourself a specific goal when reading. The best way is to ask yourself these questions like

  • What's the main idea of this paragraph?
  • Why does the author write like this?

It would be best if you guessed what the author presents in the next paragraph or chapter at a high level.

Or you can explain what you've read to someone else

Doing this exercise helps you become an active reader. This also improves your reading comprehension.

Active reading forces you to pay attention to what you're reading and creates a mental checklist for what comes next.

You'll need to stop frequently for breath, but this will help you focus on what's important.

You'll remember more. Active reading also helps your brain process information more efficiently.

When you're actively reading, your brain can't wait for new information—it must process it as soon as possible.

This is why passive readers often find themselves confused by new information soon after they've finished reading something.

You'll be able to understand complex concepts better. When you're actively reading, you'll be able to absorb the meaning behind complex ideas that would otherwise be beyond you—and that's important when it comes to learning new things or thinking critically about them later on in life.

Final Thoughts

Speed Reading is a skill that can be attained by anyone. It doesn't matter how old you are or what your current reading level is, it only matters that you have the courage to start.

And when you do begin to practice and adhere to the methods described in this article, you will see drastic improvements in your reading speed within a short period of time.

Just remember not to become discouraged when you don't see improvement immediately.

Give yourself time to grow and learn new skills. Once you do become proficient at Speed Reading, expect to change your life forever by increasing your productivity at work, saving money on books, and reaching goals beyond your current comprehension.